Sin Crucifixion

Cru·ci·fy: to put to death by nailing hands or wrists and feet to a cross; to destroy the power of: mortify; to treat cruelly; torment.

We crucify sin or sin crucifies us.

Sin…what sin? That’s what I thought too. Jesus recently decided to turn on the light in my soul, exposing the dirtiness of an attic. Then, he took inventory. Idolatry? Check. Envy? Check. Selfishness and pride? Check. Guilty as found.

Yet I am not writing about confession. I am writing about crucifixion. Much lighter topic, right?

Sin destroys our life and kills our soul. Take the newspaper and read through the articles—I know, it’s depressing because it records the consequences of sin and who wants to dwell on that? Now, let me continue on in my dwelling…as you read through the articles, name the sin that preceded that result. Hate, greed, pride, adultery, selfishness, envy, lust…the list will go on. Please don’t do this judgmentally. We are just as guilty as everyone who’s been caught or had their sin displayed on paper or in a black box. The point is that it does destroy. It destroys relationships, dreams, hopes, families, blessings, opportunities, marriages, health, purity, love, life. Without Jesus, it condemns us to hell.

Before sin destroys, it deceives. Isn’t life all about partying in college, climbing the ladder at others’ expense in the workplace, keeping up with the Jones’? And once we fall for its deception, we fall in its destruction.

But the one who deceives and destroys us has already been destroyed by a Victor. And when we stand on the Victor’s side of the field, we share in the victory of salvation and our accuser, deceiver and destroyer can no longer condemn us to destruction. Jesus is our victor.

But to share fully in His victory, we must also share in His death. To not be crucified by sin, we must crucify sin.

Mark 10:38 says “But Jesus said to them, ‘You do not know what you ask. Are you able to drink the cup that I drink, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?’” In this text, cup can refer to one’s lot or experience[1] and baptism can refer to the immersion of calamities or afflictions[2]. Jesus was referring to His death, and He goes on to say that they will surely drink of His cup and be baptized in His baptism. Then in Romans 6, this discussion of baptism in reference to His death is continued. Basically, if we are in Christ, our sins were nailed to that cross and we must keep them there, otherwise we will continue in the destruction of those sins. Jesus died to sin once and for all, and as we share in this baptism, we too must die to sin.

I encourage you to read through Romans 6 and replace the word “sin” with your sin of choice and the words “we” with your name. Personalize it for a whole new understanding of sin and our lives.

The choice is mine; the choice is yours. And it is a daily choice as we take up our cross and follow Him. Is it easy? No…neither was Jesus’ death for sin upon the cross. But it is a choice. Will you crucify your selfishness, envy, lust, pride, gossip, bitterness, anger to the cross today? Or will sin crucify you in destruction? Be blessed as you put to death the old and walk in the newness of life.




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