The Body of Jesus

He brought hope to the depressed, peace to the anxious, love to the rejected, liberty to the captives, life to the dead, light to the dark. He came as a man filled with the Spirit of God to do these things. God chose to work through Jesus as a man in a body to carry out His will. Let’s look at how God worked through Jesus’ body:

His Hands – His hands healed the sick, redeemed the sinful, brought sight to the blind. His hands washed dirty feet and fed thousands of hungry people.

His Feet – He traveled by land or by sea, in storm or in desert heat to spread the gospel and bring salvation to the world.

His Mouth – He spoke the Truth to a deceived world through teaching and edifying, rebuking and correcting—all in love. He spoke in the authority of heaven.

His Eyes – He looked past the outward appearance and saw into the heart of men. His glance did not bring judgment, but compassion, grace and love.

His Mind – He was like-minded with the Father in heaven. He made Himself of no reputation, but in lowliness of mind took the form of a servant and served others more than Himself.

His Heart – He was moved to compassion for those around Him. He loved the people unconditionally, caring for them and shepherding them.

His body was beaten, broken, bruised…raised, redeemed, resurrected.  And now He is in heaven and we are on earth, and we are His body. God still uses His body to accomplish these things through His Spirit.

And we are His body empowered by His Spirit.

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