What If?

What if we turned difficult situations into opportunities to know Him more deeply and to make Him known more greatly? What if we viewed our hardships as doorways to deeper faith and more meaningful prayer? What if we rose—or bowed—to the opportunity?

What if we remained anchored in God’s truths in every hurricane that blew our way? What if we allowed our financial hardships to produce greater confidence in His provision; our loneliness to usher in His constant companionship; our uncertainties to experience His peace? What if we faced battles with joy because our God is the Victor, and loss with hope because our home is in Heaven? What if with every temptation to complain about our job, family, home or life, we offered words of thankfulness and praise instead? What if we didn’t respond to letdowns with tears or frustrations but with a steadfast hope, trusting in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

What if?

What if every dreadful abuse, painful disease or unthinkable loss didn’t destroy us spiritually, but allowed us to experience, in a deeper and unprecedented level, the healing power of the Great I AM? What if we took all our pain to the God who created us to feel it, and sorted through it with Him as our Counselor, Comforter, Healer and Redeemer?

What if we loved others without conditions or expectations? What if persecution and attacks against us only increased our capacity to love more authentically? What if we suppressed the fear of the unknown and responded to God urging us to pray for the sick, comfort the broken-hearted or witness to the unbeliever?

What if we…What if you…?

Would your prayer life be more meaningful? Would your faith be more profound? Would your life be more purposeful? Would God be more glorified? There is no doubt.

What if every “what if” turned from an imaginary and optimistic thought to a testimony of truth; from “what if” to “remember when”?

If He’s given you life, live for Him. If He’s given you faith, believe only in Him. Within every trial, God will test you and the enemy will tempt you. If He’s given you the choice to choose Him or Satan, your adversary…beloved, choose Jesus this day.

Praying for us together as we run this race and fight this good fight…What if Remember when?

2 responses to “What If?

  1. Oh, Brandee, I can’t tell you how perfectly this met me where I am. I saw the email come through and thought, “oh, I’ve got stuff I’m dealing with right now, I’ll read it later” No doubt, the Holy Spirit moved me to read it now! – and the first few lines alone made me laugh at myself at how right on it was for my situation right now. Thanks so much for your faithfulness! Your words are always a comfort, an eye opener, a physical turning of my head to God. Thanks!

    • Garricyn, that is so cool! I love how faithful the Holy Spirit is to meet us where we are and give us what we need! Praise God! :) I’ve had soo many of those moments when God prompts me to do something and I am so resistant at first, and then so blessed. Thanks for the encouragement!! :) Happy Monday!

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