Shy Girl, Big Voice

A timid, quiet girl trying to find her voice in midst of a loud world: story of my life.

It came up a lot recently. I mean, it’s always come up a lot, but this past year people went a step further from simply commenting about my quietness to confronting me about it. “Why are you so quiet, Brandee? Can’t you speak up?” I am completely aware this was not an attack against me, but against the God who created me because I simply cannot change my personality. However, I was still given a voice and maybe I needed to use it more…

So I took some time to reflect, all the while praying for God’s intervention: “God, give me a voice! Help me to speak up!”

God taught me a lot about voice, and no worries — I did “find” my voice. But I also found a greater voice in me that is not my own. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Voice isn’t as much about sound as it is about influence. Often, we want a voice because we want to be heard; we want to be heard because we want to influence our communities. So it’s not always about speaking up. It’s more about using the gifts He gave us to cause influence.
  2. God also taught me a lot about my voice. I do have a voice; I just communicate it differently than the outgoing, extroverted individual. My voice is most often communicated inaudibly through writing. God will speak His voice differently in each one of us. Some of us are gifted speakers, some writers or painters, some story-tellers or singers—but we are each uniquely designed to communicate His voice.
  3. God also corrected me in my misguided prayer. I do not need to pray for my voice to be heard. I need to pray for God’s voice to be heard. Ultimately, He is the influence and I am just the paper by which he uses to communicate it.
  4. Lastly, in order to speak His voice, I must hear His voice. This involves silencing my own and becoming familiar with His, which is spoken through His Word. If I neglect to read His written Word, I will not effectively communicate His message to the world.

So, on this venture to find my voice, I also found a greater and more influential voice by which to speak. Yes, I am quiet and relatively shy, yet God’s voice is BIG with BIG influence. I am not here to speak my voice to the world as much as I am here to speak God’s voice to the world, and I know He will empower me to communicate it however He desires to do so.

So draw near to Him and listen to His voice as you read His Word. As we draw near to Him, may we become one with Him…so much so that our voices begin to harmonize. Even the enemy cannot silence such a voice of influence…

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.”

John 10: 27-28

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