Overflowing or Drying Up?

“As Christians, our cup should not be half empty, nor should it be half full;

rather, it should be overflowing.” – Anonymous

It’s easy to fall into a routine way of living and a routine way of faith. We learn quickly how to be “good” Christians, do “good” things, and pour into those around us through Christian acts of service. Yet, in the midst of pouring out into others we forget the preeminent factor that we must be poured into ourselves…by Jesus. How? It lies in the first commandment: love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. When we seek first the Kingdom of God and love Him by directing our heart, our thoughts, our desires, and our passions toward Him, the overflow of the Spirit ministering to us is like a river that does not run dry.

Ministry—which, as Christians, should simply be living life—must come from an overflow of personally living out the first commandment. Otherwise, we minister to others by pouring into them and emptying our cup. Alas, our cup becomes only half full. Yet, we must still pour into others; it is, in essence, part of the great commission. So how do we pour into others without emptying our glass, drying up, getting weary and burnt out? It is a question of utter importance. How will you authentically and self-sacrificially love others, repeatedly forgive your offenders, relentlessly and humbly serve those around you, and intentionally spread the gospel without emptying your glass and drying up?

There is only one way: by positioning yourself beneath the fountain of Living Water, Jesus. Direct your heart, thoughts, desires, and passions toward Him and the overflow will come through that intimate relationship of pursuing the heart of God.

Are you pouring out or are you pouring over into the lives of those around you? Is your cup overflowing?

2 responses to “Overflowing or Drying Up?

  1. Loved the message today Bran! So true~so completely true..thank you for the reminder that we can do nothing in our own strength and to not settle with just being half-full! Love you so much. Michelle

  2. Brandee–I love both of your last two posts! Just got a chance to read them now that I’m home. You are such an amazing writer, God is doing great things. I love you!! So blessed that God is working through you–it is so very evident in your writings. xxoo <3

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