How Do You Picture Jesus?

When you hear the name Jesus, how do you picture Him? Who is Jesus? This past week as I was sitting in class, I thought about these questions. As I imagined Jesus, this is what immediately came to mind:

Shoulder-length brown hair. A Jewish beard. Olive-toned skin covered in a white cloth robe. Brown eyes probably, though I am not certain. I picture Him somewhere between 5’8 and 6 ft tall. Somewhat thin, though not bony.

In fact, I pictured Him awfully close to this image:

I pictured a man.

Too often, our view of Jesus is limited and small because we picture Him as only a man. Yet He was fully man and fully God. We cannot separate Him from being part of the Triune God that He is. Our view of God must align with what the scriptures portray. Yes, Jesus was fully man when He walked on earth, but He was also fully God. So, let me ask the questions again: when you hear the name of Jesus, how do you picture Him? Who is Jesus?

He is the part of the Triune God; IMMANUEL, which means “God with us.” God the Father’s only begotten Son, who was before time began and who is forevermore; the eternal Word of God. He is a Living, Intelligent, Personal Being. He is the TRANSCENDENT GOD; Omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He is YAHWEH, JEHOVAH, JESUS of Nazareth; He is Salvation. He is the Eternal and the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. The angels worship Him. All will bow down before His GLORY. He is the GOD of GLORY, the ALPHA and the OMEGA. He is the LORD of LORDS and the KING of KINGS. He is indescribable and unimaginable. He is too GREAT for our finite minds to comprehend. He is GOD.

JESUS cannot be confined to an image of any kind. We need to see Him as He is and worship Him for who He is. When we picture Jesus, I pray that we will picture Him in His Glory. And as we think about how great and awesome and mighty He is, may we continually realize that we still have no idea just how great He is, for it is beyond our comprehension. This is JESUS and this is GOD, let’s give HIM praise and glory, for whom all glory is due!

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