I Need Him

Last night I gathered with some women from my church to pray. Humbled in the presence of our Faithful God,  we each told Him the many ways we need Him in our lives, and I realized the extent of my dependence upon Him.

Jesus, we need you.

We need your constant provision for food, clothes, and finances. We need your protection to guard us throughout our day. We need your companionship, your peace, and your joy in the midst of our trials. We need your mighty hands to strengthen our weary bodies. We need your grace – the blood of Jesus – to cover our wretched sins. We need your salvation and your redemption. We need your steadfast love to change our hearts and cause us to live for you. We need you to love you. We need your Spirit to enable us to do your work on the earth, to enable us to be a people who are self-controlled, gentle, and loving. We need your comfort when we go through pain and loss. We need your wisdom in the daily decisions we make. We need you for the breath that gives us life. We need you more than the food we eat – for without you, we will starve. We need you, Father. We need you, Spirit. We need you, Son.

Allow your dependence upon Him to grow as you focus on your need for Him. And He will meet you in your specific needs.

How do you need Him today?

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