It Could Be Any Day…

We’ve waited 5 years for the opportunity in this moment. Years of hoping and dreaming for God to open a door to medical school for my husband are now contingent upon the response we’ll hear any day.

The response may fulfill those dreams. Or it may momentarily shatter them. Either way, it will shape the course of our lives and greatly affect our immediate future.

This seems grave, doesn’t it? See, this is how I’m tempted to view the situation. This is also an indicator to how I’ve handled future prospects in the past. In all honesty, I’ve gotten it all wrong. I’ve been hoping in this opportunity — this dream — for my husband. I’ve been hoping in something that is not certain. I’ve been hoping in tomorrow.

The problem with hoping in tomorrow? It may not come. The opportunities may not last. The dreams may not be met. Tomorrow is not promised us. So what do we hope in?

If we hope in the desires, dreams, or expectations of what tomorrow holds, we will ultimately be let down. If we hope in God in HIS love and sovereignty over our lives — we will never be let down because we’d know that we can trust Him with our lives.

While we may hope for tomorrow, our hope is not anchored in tomorrow. Our hope is anchored in God because we can trust Him.

Perhaps you’re waiting for an answer too. Perhaps you’re waiting on a decision that will affect your immediate and extended future. It could be a job. It could be a pregnancy test. It could be a school. It could be a diagnosis. Are you hoping in tomorrow? Or are you hoping in a loving God who holds it all in His hands?

Whatever tomorrow brings, my prayer is that our hope would remain steadfast in our God…anchored in Him, confident in His good purposes, certain of His sovereign love.

2 responses to “It Could Be Any Day…

  1. this is so true! your writing is wondeful. maybe one day we’ll see a daily readings published from you:) My strugle thou is that it is easy for me to have this attitude Trusting God that He has the best for my friend, family, spouse… and that He’ll do what is best for them but when it comes to me sometimes my tendency is to think it’s all on me and my strenght. why is that? hm…have a nice day!

    • Hey girl! Such a great point! I totally know what you mean, it can be so much more of a struggle to trust Him with my own life. When I’m in the midst of living life, it’s difficult to see beyond it and have faith in His promises. Yet how much more I need to because otherwise I rely on the hopes/dreams/expectations of MY “tomorrows” (future) and then I attempt to go there in MY strength. I think your struggle is true for most of us! Thanks for sharing, Ivona!

      “Those who wait on (hope in) the Lord shall renew their strength.” -Isaiah 40:31 :)

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