Singing at the Kitchen Sink

Tonight as I washed the dishes piled high from the week, I began singing a song that flowed from my heart and into the ears of my Savior. By the way, if you don’t sing to Jesus while doing dishes at your kitchen sink, I highly recommend it. A mundane task can become quite the sacred moment. So I wrote down the words to my song and thought I’d share it with you. Feel free to sing it to your own tune, or just read it as a poem. Either way, I hope these words flow from your heart and  into the ears of your Savior as you trust Him with your life.


I don’t know what tomorrow holds,
But I know it holds You.
And Jesus, You give us hope for life,
We have nothing without You.
So teach us here, teach us now.
Give us hope, oh, give us life.
We can’t live without You, Christ,
So in Your Truth, God, we abide.
Jesus, oh, Jesus.
We call out, for we know You hear us.
And we know Your plans are good for us.
So we’re stepping forward, eyes gazed on You,
Trusting. Waiting. Hoping.
Cuz we don’t know what tomorrow holds,
But we know it holds You.
And Jesus, You are the light of life,
It’d be dark here without You.
Cuz we don’t know what tomorrow holds,
But we know it holds You.
And we don’t know tomorrow’s plans,
But we know You hold it in Your hands.

2 responses to “Singing at the Kitchen Sink

  1. Hi there Aunty Brandee- Tea’s Aunt ! Tea is a blessed young woman -she’ll have the glory of God all over her through you and your sis .
    Anyway – loved the words to your “ode to le dishes” operetta!
    I’ll agree 100% with your comment about turning a mundane act into an act of worship- try it with folding LOADS of laundry that never end and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the 5th year in a row – it works! I also found that praying for the person whose lunch was being made, dishes being washed, laundry being folded is a great attitude adjuster!
    God bless you Brandee – hope this finds you well and headed to the east coast to meet that little tea cup!
    blessings and peace in all you do –
    Biz Zeller

    • Aww! Thanks Biz! So great to hear from you! And congrats to you in your new role as a grandmother! Eden is absolutely beautiful.
      Thank you also for the comment and wise words. I will most definitely try praying for Mike when I next do the laundry!! Oh I can think of many times when an attitude adjustment was needed during that task…!
      God bless you and your wonderful family, Biz! It is such a delight to hear from you – I hope you are feeling well and that above all else you are finding joy as you hope in Jesus!

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