I Believe

I believe in a God who restores health and who inflicts pain.

I believe in a God who gives life and allows death.

I believe in a God who promises joy and assures us of sorrow.

I believe in a God who extends mercy and executes judgment.

I believe in a God of grace, and I believe in a God of war.

I believe in a God who hates sin but who loves sinners.

I believe in a God who rejects the unrepentant but forgives those who ask.

I believe in a God who is fearful and yet approachable.

I believe in a God who is sovereign.

I believe in a God who is Love.

I believe in a God whose ways are not my own.

And I believe in a God whose ways are better than my own.

I believe in God the Father; I believe in God the Son;

I believe in God the Holy Spirit; and I believe they are One.

I’ve wrestled with these different and seemingly contradictory attributes of God — uncertain of how I felt about a God who inflicts pain, a God who rejects the unrepentant yet good person, a God who forgives those sins I wouldn’t forgive — but I am certain that HIS sovereignty is good. As we study the Bible, we are faced with the questions: do we believe in this God and will we submit to Him? And after years of seeking Him and knowing Him, I testify that in all these things, He is good, and I say with confidence: I believe. Choosing to believe in Him and submit to Him…it changes everything.

Are there aspects of God that are hard for you to accept? How have you sought Him and yielded to Him in these questions?

4 responses to “I Believe

  1. I do understand your point of view.
    I’ll express mine generally. I always look at it that way, on a smaller human scale of course, that human beings differ in so many aspects, some do not relate to logic and might seek God-knowing everything you mentioned above- out of fear of the after life and the judgement day. And some would relate to the other good things you mentioned about God and turn to Him genuinely, hoping to be find and be found.
    Religious messages target all humans, all ages, all types of personalities whether kind and compassionate or stubborn and unreasonable. A logical person would turn to the approachable God, and those who are stubborn reach out to the fearful, out of fear.
    That is my philosophical point of view, I hope it understand few of your questions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, take a look at my blog ! =)

    • Thanks for the comment, Alia. I think some of our philosophical viewpoints differ, though I would agree that humans reach out to God in different ways and for different reasons, and consequently our experiences and knowledge of Him differ. I also agree that religious messages target all humans – sure is evidence of our spiritual existence and need for a God, isn’t it? I believe in one God, Jesus Christ, and that he desires a personal relationship more than a religious response from us. Thanks again for reading and sharing your comments. I appreciate your response and will take a look at your blog. =) God bless you!

    • Thanks Jeremiah! I just took a glance at your blog and look forward to following your posts. Praying that God blesses you in your writing ministry and in your pursuit toward Him! Continue seeking Him and knowing Him – He is sovereign and good and knowing Him is life’s greatest blessing! =) God bless you, brother!

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