Someone Was Missing

I sat at my desk and wrote a card to my mom for her birthday. After thoughtful words were written, I mindlessly signed the names I’ve signed for the last five and a half years: “With Love, Mike and Brandee.”

But this time, God filled my mind with an impressionable message: someone’s missing. It caught me by surprise but I couldn’t ignore its meaning. Is our family incomplete? Is it not supposed to be just the two of us anymore?

OK, this was a big deal – and might I mention – a deal outside of our previous plans to wait another year. I couldn’t tell Mike the details right away, but when I saw him the next day, he shared a strange dream he had. About what? Oh, just about us having a BABY.

Ever get the idea God is trying to tell you something?

So we prayed about it and decided to wait a few more months…and then three weeks later, we were pregnant. I’m thankful God’s plans always prevail. And now we wait joyously for the arrival of our baby in mid June!!

Dear baby,
As your life begins
May your eyes be opened to the grace of God.
May you know Him, even now,
As the Creator who came to give you life.
Oh sweet baby, we love you,
Just as He created you.
His hand covers your life,
Look to Him for purpose.
For He created you with divine wisdom.
And this we know for sure is true,
That sweet baby, someone was missing,
And that someone was you.


We can’t wait to meet you, baby!!


11 responses to “Someone Was Missing

  1. Love, love, love this post!!! Congratulations! I, of course, cannot wait to hug, cuddle, and kiss that sweet baby either. Love, Chels

  2. Brandee this is so beautiful, I loved reading it and I know that someday- your baby will too:) What a great reminder that God’s plans are not always the ones that we have in mind but they are always the ones that will bring us the most joy and Him the most glory! Your new family are in my prayers and thank you for always making me feel a part of yours:) ~Kristin Acott

    • Thanks Kristin!! We appreciate the prayers! :) And yes, well put – His plans bring us the most joy and Him the most glory! So awesome. And we ARE family, sister!! Part of His family and both heirs of His Kingdom ;) xoxo!

  3. *cries* I think it’s LOVELY that Jesus spoke to u both but what really striuck me is how loved this child already is. ur poem = tears. Srsly. Of the saccharine kind.

  4. Brandee you are a joy to me and I am so blessed to have you in my life as a friend and as a beautiful example of what life looks like when you walk wholeheartedly in the Lord’s will. Yay for baby Robbins! I’m celebtating with you!

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