Don’t Know the Light?

God 101:

God loves you. Because our sin separates us from a Holy God who wants a relationship with us, He had to send His son Jesus—tempted yet sinless, fully man yet fully God—to take death for us so that we may have life. So Jesus died on a cross and on the third day after His death, He conquered death by resurrecting and ascending to Heaven. Now, simply by repenting our sins and believing that Jesus came and died to redeem us from the consequences of sins, we can have salvation—eternal life.

I encourage you to begin reading God’s Word and asking for wisdom, and to find a local church that teaches His Word. Or you can begin listening to sermons online. A great resource I recommend is the Desiring God website.

Salvation 101:

Once you are ready to accept this gift of salvation and make a u-turn for the destiny of your soul, pray a prayer similar to this, meaning it with your heart:

“God, I am sorry for the sin I have committed against You. I am sinful and unworthy of Heaven, but I believe that Jesus came to die for me and to offer me eternal life. I accept this gift and thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice. Come into my life and fill me with you Holy Spirit. Teach me, give me wisdom and help me to live for you all the days of my life. In Jesus’ Name and because of His power, Amen. “

Discipleship 101:

At this point, it is essential to get connected with fellow believers. The point of the church is to edify, encourage and praise God with one another. You need mentors, people to walk with you through this transition. It is OK to grieve as you rid yourself of your previous life of sin. Yet you must fill yourself with God to walk in His light. Ask church staff to connect you with a small group or with a mentor. Discipline yourself to read God’s Word, to spend time with Him, asking Him for wisdom and understanding. He wants a relationship with you and the most important thing—more important than just “cleaning your life up”—is to spend time with Him and develop a relationship with Him. Obedience stems from love. We do not obey because it is the right thing to do or because we want to be religious—Jesus would condemn such pharisee behavior—we obey because we love Him and want to live according to His ways. So focus on getting to know God. For help…click here.

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