Someone Was Missing

I sat at my desk and wrote a card to my mom for her birthday. After thoughtful words were written, I mindlessly signed the names I’ve signed for the last five and a half years: “With Love, Mike and Brandee.”

But this time, God filled my mind with an impressionable message: someone’s missing. It caught me by surprise but I couldn’t ignore its meaning. Is our family incomplete? Is it not supposed to be just the two of us anymore?

OK, this was a big deal – and might I mention – a deal outside of our previous plans to wait another year. I couldn’t tell Mike the details right away, but when I saw him the next day, he shared a strange dream he had. About what? Oh, just about us having a BABY.

Ever get the idea God is trying to tell you something?

So we prayed about it and decided to wait a few more months…and then three weeks later, we were pregnant. I’m thankful God’s plans always prevail. And now we wait joyously for the arrival of our baby in mid June!!

Dear baby,
As your life begins
May your eyes be opened to the grace of God.
May you know Him, even now,
As the Creator who came to give you life.
Oh sweet baby, we love you,
Just as He created you.
His hand covers your life,
Look to Him for purpose.
For He created you with divine wisdom.
And this we know for sure is true,
That sweet baby, someone was missing,
And that someone was you.


We can’t wait to meet you, baby!!


I Believe

I believe in a God who restores health and who inflicts pain.

I believe in a God who gives life and allows death.

I believe in a God who promises joy and assures us of sorrow.

I believe in a God who extends mercy and executes judgment.

I believe in a God of grace, and I believe in a God of war.

I believe in a God who hates sin but who loves sinners.

I believe in a God who rejects the unrepentant but forgives those who ask.

I believe in a God who is fearful and yet approachable.

I believe in a God who is sovereign.

I believe in a God who is Love.

I believe in a God whose ways are not my own.

And I believe in a God whose ways are better than my own.

I believe in God the Father; I believe in God the Son;

I believe in God the Holy Spirit; and I believe they are One.

I’ve wrestled with these different and seemingly contradictory attributes of God — uncertain of how I felt about a God who inflicts pain, a God who rejects the unrepentant yet good person, a God who forgives those sins I wouldn’t forgive — but I am certain that HIS sovereignty is good. As we study the Bible, we are faced with the questions: do we believe in this God and will we submit to Him? And after years of seeking Him and knowing Him, I testify that in all these things, He is good, and I say with confidence: I believe. Choosing to believe in Him and submit to Him…it changes everything.

Are there aspects of God that are hard for you to accept? How have you sought Him and yielded to Him in these questions?

The Day LOVE Will Save

We’re waiting on Him. When will be the day that He will save us? Life is full of trials. But God can make the poor man rich and the weak man strong. He can turn sorrow into joy and ashes into beauty. He can take the struggles of this life and bless us with His presence, His promises, His hope. Why? Because…

There is no sin that the grace of God cannot forgive

There is no hardness of heart that the love of God cannot tenderize

There is no obstacle that the Conqueror cannot conquer

Nor poverty that the richness of God cannot satisfy

There is no sorrow so great that the Comforter cannot comfort

Nor wound so deep that the Healer cannot heal

There is no destruction that the power of God cannot restore

Nor life that the Risen One cannot redeem

Nothing is impossible with God

And His love reigns

…But He will not do it unless you first surrender…

Surrender the sin and the pride, the obstacles and the chaos, the sorrow and the pain. We all have something to surrender today. And there is an unprecedented POWER that is released when we surrender to the LORD. It is extraordinary. Friends, our God is able to do more than we can even imagine. He can meet you where you are and transform the otherwise non-transformable. BUT you must surrender. It opens the door to His Spirit and allows Him to move and work in your life. If you don’t surrender, you are locking the door; you are denying the Spirit.

Nothing is impossible with God. And His love reigns.