About Me

The Grime

On this journey, we are in one of two places in regard to sin: 1. We can love sin and struggle with God or 2. We can love God and struggle with sin. I love God and I struggle with sin. I must share this because often people look at Christians as though we are perfect…hah! It is so far from the truth! And our sin looks just as atrocious to God as the nonbeliever’s sin…or at least it did look just as atrocious. The only difference is that the moment we repented, the sin was forgotten. Nonetheless, my sin still grieves the Father’s heart. Pride, greed, envy, lust, slothfulness, anger, bitterness, idolatry and the like still leave me in need of Jesus daily. So…if you see good in meyou’ve seen Jesus! If you see bad in meyou’ve seen me and my ever-present struggle with sin, of which there is no excuse. Be certain of one thing: while I struggle with sin, I hate itit kills me. I love Jesus and pray he cleanses me daily.

The Girl

And in the midst of the grime and the grace, I am still a girl created fearfully and wonderfully by God and for God. Who is this girl? Well, in a nutshell: I am an introverted and half-shy girl who loves getting to know people and forming relationships. I am deep and reflective. Inspiring movies, books, songs or personal stories move me to tears more often than is socially acceptable. I love transparency and honesty in a friendship. I get giddy when I get to cuddle next to my husband or a girlfriend, receive hugs or link arms. I love sharing—it brings me such joy! I am passionate about God, fulfilling dreams and reaching goals. I don’t give up easily and look at hardships as an opportunity to get back up when I’m knocked down and continue walking toward the goal set in front of me. My utmost desire is to serve, in joy and in freedom, this God who has changed my life and given me hope beyond compare.

The Grace

God has redeemed me fully. Because of Him, I have hope and an incomparable joy. I once crouched shamefully in my identity and now stand confidently in who He created me to be only because of His grace to me and my confidence in Him. He can take a life ruined by sin and redeem it, use it, and glorify Himself through it! So because of His grace and the gifts given by the Spirit, I am an encourager and a shepherd of His people. My desire is to shepherd His church—to come alongside women and walk with them, pray for them, encourage them, love them as the True Shepherd loves them. I love writing and hope to continue using the gifts He’s given me to encourage and equip His church and to glorify His Name. So because of His grace, because of His love, because of His death I have life and life abundant. Praise Jesus!


Writing from Grace,

Brandee Robbins

3 responses to “About Me

  1. Brandee~I have just recieved a blessing from the Lord. You, sharing your heart, your passion, your struggles, the very core of your being and most importantly your amazing relationship with the Savior. It’s been a tough week…and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for giving what only God knew I needed…encouragement, truth, boldness and a revelation of the common struggle and the common desire for more than what this world can give. Thank you for reminding me that it will fail me..that I will still be left wanting, and that my desires are only met and fulfilled in the arms of Jesus. I love you sweet sister and am blessed by what His Holy Spirit has done through you today! All glory to Him in whom all glory is due!

  2. Brandee,

    What a blessing this website is. Thank you so much for the way this ministers to my spirit. I love you.

  3. Brandee–what a beautiful website this is. A breath of fresh air in a world that is hungering for truth..you are a fine example of “I can do all things through God who strengthens me”–God Bless you in all your efforts.Sincerely,Marcia

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