About A Flame In The Dark

A Flame in the Dark

My heart didn’t initially resonate with this title. I wanted something refined, feminine, deep, charming. Yet the Lord gave me this picture of a flame in the dark and it is a vision of my hope through this blog—and through my life.

So, A Flame in the Dark it is…raw, simple, not so feminine and not so charming. However, perhaps with some explanation you can catch sight of my vision and “see the light.” Here are my thoughts:


  1. There are two pieces to a flame: the flame and the burning object. God is the flame. He is the All-Consuming Fire. We are in essence the burning object—the candle or the wick. When His light illuminates from our lives, we disappear and it becomes all about Jesus! The focus is on the fire, not the candle. Without the fire, we are merely useless wax, on the shelf for decoration. What vanity! What waste! We were created to glorify God and have His light shine from us—to be as a candle illuminating His glory: a flame in the dark.


  1. Regardless of the radiant light Jesus illuminates in my life, I still live in the midst of a dark world. We are to be in the world, just not of it. With the Spirit of God within us, we become a flame in the dark, a light for all to see.
  2. Have you ever seen a flame in the dark? Turn off all the lights, close the blinds and light a candle. Two things will happen: 1. Your vision will focus on the flicker. You become lost in the flame. Think to a time you sat around a campfire. Where was your gaze? Almost undoubtedly, everyone’s gaze fixates on the flame. 2. When we focus on the flame, everything else vanishes. And likewise, when people look at us and see the flame of God within us, everything else vanishes and they become captivated by the God who spoke light into existence.

So, my prayer is that through these writings, your focus will be on the flame—the All-Consuming Fire, Jesus. May Jesus be your only focus, your only vision, your only light. And may all else fade away as you gaze into the eyes of the Son of Man, which are like a flame of fire[1]. Amen.

[1] Revelation 1:15, NKJV

3 responses to “About A Flame In The Dark

  1. Dear Brandee…..you are a treasure and gifted beyond what my words can describe. thank you for sharing the flame, and leading me back to the reality of Jesus. i am so blessed to share in your journey. i love your heart for the Lord. i have been waiting to read your devotionals and i am so excited to see what Jesus has for me thru your writings. Love you Aunt Cindy

  2. AWWHH, i love the analogy of the flame and candle. I don’t think I will ever look at a candle the same way again. You are a light in this dark place. Thank you for sharing. I so need to hear and be reminded of these things. I’m blessed to be able to gleem what He is showing you. He has gifted you to be able to beautifully communicate HIs heart. I look forward to reading more. May He bless you all the more for your faithfulness to Him. Thanks for helping me to be hopeful too. In HIs Grace, Tina

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